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Rob Brown's CMP SA SG Dec. 1943.

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ok, I have to show off my CMP IHC rack grade with a replacement USGI Birch stock & handguards. Also pictured is the before birch replacement. Here's reajoh's 1944 Springfield M1, cool background!
Here's ParallaxBill's M1, p.s. you must check out his Forums!
"stratocaster"John... July 1943 SA service grade M1 before and after boyd's stock install
 Check out ParallaxBill's "Green two-toned M1"  
 ParallaxBill has some more!

The line-up front to back:
.97 mil Danish issue SA SG w/Var
1.33 mil Danish issue SWR RG, original barrel, lockbar, WRA front sight
2.06 mil SA SG in an HRA stock 11-52 barrel
2.4 mil SA SG
3.1 mil Danish issue SA SG w/VAR barrel
3.7 mil SA SG w/original 5-45 barrel
4.3 mil SA SG in a pretty birch stock
5.0 IHC SG w/original LMR barrel

Here's Richard "HVYCHVY" HRA M1.


Some more of Sam's CMP M1's... (Sam's other rifles are on page 1)
Springfield SG, SN 2,682,xxx circa Mar 44 with an exceptional LMR barrel and really nice wood. Te 1.7, MW 1.
Danish RG, SN: 2,475,xxx, circa Jan 44, with a SA 9-43 bbl (possibly original). TE abt 3.9 and MW 3+

SA/VAR barrel, 1942 Vintage Re parerized by NVGW Sandy Garret. Stock by Gus Garands, Richmond, VA.
SA/VAR Barrel, 1944 Vintage, re parkerized by NVGW. Nutmeg stock by Boyds.
SA/SA Barrel, eventhough ordered as SA/ is...This is the first M1 I ordered from the CMP.
Gary's (from Springfield, VA) collection.

Its a 1.8 million Springfield. It has a 53 dated LMR barrel that gauges new, new remington nm oprod, new gas cylinder and too top it off a faint GAW cartouched stock! Mark
Victor "m60mgman" 1955 HRA CMP Garand
777XXX SA August, 42 receiver w/ a 1-S-A-6-46 barrel stock untouched, Defense Dept cartouche only lockbar sight
1550XXX SA May, 43 receiver w/ an S-A-4-43 barrel (MATCHED! I assume) refinished stock, P proof only but have a correct EMcF stock as well lock bar sight
Dave Tremper New York (Rushfn1)
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